2 million boxes per year, for Greece’s 10 million inhabitants

Intralink Logistics adapts her material and other means to the ends she wishes to serve.

By investing generously in facilities, a proprietary fleet of specially equipped transport vehicles, technological equipment, software, best practices and human capital all the time, the company can at any time offer integrated logistics services in the areas she chooses to specialize, maintaining the same high level of service for existing and new clients alike.


2 million boxes per year


  • 14.500 m2 of facilities located strategically around Greece and equipped with CCTV, intruder tracking and temperature control systems, fire resistant compartments, fire detection and safety systems, around the clock security, alarm systems and remote monitoring of regional centres
  • A/c spaces 15° - 25° and static compartments 2° - 8°
  • In-house specialised personnel and equipment for the daily monitoring and certification of refrigeration systems
  • Fleet of 145 owned vehicles of 3,5tn to 40tn
  • In-house safety fuel tank and garage for mechanical repairs equipped with vehicle maintenance software
  • 40 forked lift trucks
  • State-of-art and continuously evolving infrastructure for perfect alignment of IT systems between hubs and for consolidation of central control throughout the whole process of storage and transportation
  • 30 PDAs for Attica and 70 more for the provinces
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