On time, each time

With a client-roster of over 3,000 we cooperate with all kinds of companies and are familiar with carrying sensitive cargo ranging from cosmetics and optical materials to medical equipment and beyond.

Yet, medicine remains our area of specialization by far. Long years of serving pharmaceutical companies have instilled Intralink Logistics “corporate DNA” with the gene of punctual delivery.

As cannot know beforehand which time is going to be a matter of life or death, we are left with no choice. We must simply deliver on time, each time.


Strict standards and specifications for all-round handling of medicine and medical products

Intralink Logistics complies to the strict specifications governing the transportation and distribution of medicine and medical products. Specially equipped, state-of-the-art facilities ensure reliable, safe, secure and precise all-round handling.

Medicine are stored in appropriate separate zones monitored by an intruder tracking system and accessed by authorised personnel alone.

The company keeps time-schedules, logs, reports and instructions for cleaning and disinfection of the premises and regularly engages in preventive pest control programmes. She also regularly applies temperature mapping and certified calibration of the medicine storage environment monitoring equipment (measuring temperature, humidity, light and cleanliness). A special alarm system is used to promptly notify of deviations from ideal values.

Vehicle monitoring

The company owns numerous controlled temperature vehicles for which, as well as for the corresponding distribution equipment, she keeps written procedures regarding their operation and maintenance.

To ensure appropriate temperature, representative temperature mapping is applied taking seasonal fluctuations into account. Storage compartment temperatures as well as the distribution itinerary are monitored via the e-track system, whereas temperature measuring organs are regularly maintained and subjected to certified calibration.

Specialised personnel

Members of personnel responsible for the storage and distribution of medicine and medical products receive extensive initial training regarding their duties.

Hands-on experience in handling these products is thereafter supplemented by both regular re-training and full compliance to Good Storage and Distribution Practices.

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