Top-tier supply chain management services, at your service

We offer the simplest transport task the same high-quality logistics services and care we reserve for the collection of sensitive cargo, temporary storage in A/C facilities, product insurance, transportation in a controlled temperature environment, cash on delivery, return of a stamped copy of the invoice and much more.

High quality extends to “invisible” services we offer in the form of business continuity and contingency planning or continuous auditing and certifications by independent bodies.

This is the way to make sure that controlled temperature, for instance, is measured by properly calibrated instruments.


We offer pick-up and delivery services within 24 hours throughout 95% of the mainland, via our autonomous distribution network and our exclusive partners. Click here for more

Transportation in vehicles of controlled temperature is available whereas certified temperature mapping and satellite monitoring of storage compartment interiors using our e-track system ensure that optimal temperature conditions are met at all times.


Temporary or longer-term storage in a/c spaces.

Monitoring & Updating

Central control throughout the whole process of storage and transportation:

  • Package tracking
  • Real-time order monitoring
  • PDA delivery
  • Real-time delivery verification


Amounts involved promptly credited to clients.

Copy of invoice

Return of stamped and signed copy of invoice.


Civil liability insurance for all products through their temporary storage and transportation to the final recipient.

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